Peer Review History: The African Paleotropical Influence on the Biogeography of the Flora of Jazan, KSA

Aims: To put all selected species in their proper place as in the phytogeographical affinities for each region.

Study Design: Field and jazan herbarium design was used in this study.

Place and Duration of Study: A total of 201 plant species were selected from Jazan of Saudi Arabia.

Methodology: About 201 plant species (seven species of Pteridophytes, one species of Gymnosperms and 193 species of Angiosperms) related to 59 families were recorded from a total of 524 species previously recorded in 2013 from Jazan region of Saudi Arabia. The selected plant species were revealed a distribution relationships between the three African paleotropical floristic regions and showed 9 African paleotropical floristic elements.

Results: The chorological analysis revealed the highest percentages of 51.24% was inhabiting in Afromontane archipelago-like regional center of endemism (AF) of the total recorded species. The distribution relationships among the African paleotropical floristic elements was subjected to numerical analysis which showed the similarity and dissimilarity between the elements based on the UPGMA dendrogram software.

Conclusion: The program  was constructed two main groups, the first group (I) were included with Afromontane archipelago-like regional center of endemism (AF) flowed by the Guineo-Congolian regional center of endemism (GC). The second group (II) in which Sahara Regional Subzone (SS1) was recognized in a separated in a single level.


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