Neofusiccocum parvum as Uncommon Fungal Species (or Emerging Pathogen) on Strawberry Plants in Morocco


During a survey on fungi associated with decline symptoms on strawberry plant of Venicia variety, one species belonging to the Botryosphaeriaceae family was isolated. Based on morphological and cultural characteristics, this species identified as Neofusicoccum parvum was reported for the first time in Morocco. To verify the pathogenicity of the fungus, detached leaves of three strawberry varieties were inoculated artificially by depositing over their intact surface mycelia plug or conidial suspension from Nparvum. Severity index was greater on festival leaves reaching 88% compared to 77.73% on Sabrina. In the third treatment, Guariguette showed a low susceptibility with a severity index in order of 25.07%. Conidia concentration on the leaf surface of the Festival and Sabrina strawberry leaves was respectively 1.62 105 and 1.2 105 conidia cm-2. Otherwise, in the second treatment, it has been reduced to less than 1.41105 1.16 and 105 on leaves of Festival and Sabrina respectively. After inoculation, the fungus was re-isolated from the lesions to verify Koch’s postulates.

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