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Diagnostic Error in Internal Medicine

Background: The goal of this study was to work out the relative contribution of system-related and psychological feature elements to diagnostic error and to develop a comprehensive operating taxonomy.

Methods: 100 cases of diagnostic error involving internists were known through autopsy discrepancies, quality assurance activities, and voluntary reports. every case was evaluated to spot system-related and psychological feature factors underlying error victimization record reviews and, if attainable, supplier interviews. [1]

Internist-I, an Experimental Computer-Based Diagnostic Consultant for General Internal Medicine

INTERNIST-I is Associate in Nursing experimental computer virus capable of constructing multiple and sophisticated diagnoses in medicine. It differs from most different programs for computer-assisted identification within the generality of its approach and therefore the size and variety of its content. To document the strengths and we have a tendency toaknesses of the program we performed a scientific analysis of the capabilities of INTERNIST-I. Its performance on a series of nineteen clinicopathological exercises (Case Records of the Massachusetts General Hospital) revealed within the Journal appeared qualitatively like that of the hospital clinicians however inferior thereto of the case discussants. [2]

Burnout and Self-Reported Patient Care in an Internal Medicine Residency Program

Background: Burnout could be a syndrome of depersonalization, emotional exhaustion, and a way of low personal accomplishment. very little is thought concerning burnout in residents or its relationship to patient care.

Objective: to work out the prevalence of burnout in medical residents and explore its relationship to self-reported patient care practices.

Design: Cross-sectional study victimization associate degree anonymous, armoured survey.

Setting: University-based residency program in city, Washington.

Participants: a hundred and fifteen general medicine residents. [3]

Beyond duty hours: leveraging large-scale paging data to monitor resident workload

Monitoring and managing resident employment may be a cornerstone of policy in graduate medical education, and therefore the duty hours metric is that the backbone of current rules. whereas the duty hours metric measures hours worked, it doesn’t capture variations in intensity of labor completed throughout those hours, which can severally contribute to fatigue and burnout. Few such metrics exist. Digital knowledge streams generated throughout the standard course of hospital operations will function a completely unique supply of insight into employment intensity by providing high-resolution, minute-by-minute knowledge at the individual level; but, study and use of those knowledge streams for employment observation has been restricted thus far. [4]

Internal Medicine as a Career Choice among Rotatory Interns in a Developing Country- A Multi Centre Study

There is shortage of medical work force as well as internists in African nation. Young interns like bound specialties to the neglect of others. This creates a niche in health supplying.

Objectives: The aim of the study was to see the speed of choice of general medicine as a career selection and therefore the factors influencing career selection among turning interns in 3 (3) tertiary establishments in African nation specifically Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi, University of national capital Teaching Hospital, Gwagwalada, national capital and Federal Medical Centre, Makurdi. [5]


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