Laser Ablation of Multifocal Breast Carcinoma

Breast cancer is a major public health issue in India and around the world. Among India, it is the leading cause of cancer in women.

In Western countries, the overall 5-year survival rate is around 90%. In India, it is between 40 and 60 percent.

The unacceptability of many women for breast mutilation is one of the causes contributing to this. Breasts are a highly important cosmetic standard for women.

Breast tumour laser ablation is currently a USFDA and CE approved technique. The goal of this observational study was to see if tumour ablation by intralesional laser ablation could be completed.

The ablation was done in ten women over a seven-year period as a single treatment. All of the ladies who agreed to the operation were in stage 3 of their disease, which had multifocal and/or multilocational disease. As a result, they were deemed ineligible for Breast Conservation surgery.

After a 2- to 7-year follow-up, all patients had complete necrosis of the tumour. Serial PET scans after 6 months and 2 years corroborated the findings.

Conclusion: For patients with stage 3 breast cancer who do not want a mastectomy, laser ablation is a viable option. The procedure’s skill sets are novel, and surgeons will need to be trained in order to do it.

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Rusy Bhalla
Department of Oncology, Orchid Center for Laser Surgery, Mumbai, India.

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