Hill’s Equation in Arm Push of Shot Put and in Braking of Arm Rotation

This chapter consists of the earlier study of shot put where A.V. Hill’s force-velocity relationship was transformed into a constant maximum power model consisting of three different components of power. In addition, the braking phase of the arm rotation movement was examined where Hill’s equation was applied for accelerated motions. Hill’s force-velocity relationship was tested by fitting it into two arm push measurements of shot put experiments and one braking phase of whole arm rotation. Theoretically derived equation for accelerated motions was in agreement with the measured data of shot put experiments and the braking phase of the whole arm rotation experiment. Maximum power in these experiments was also tested by three different equations and two of them seemed to function well. The progress of movement in the studied experiments was concluded to be as follows: 1) the state of low speed and maximal acceleration which applies to the hypothesis of constant force, 2) the state of high speed and maximal power which applies to the hypothesis of constant power.

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