Estimation of Stability of Arterial Pressure and Pulse at Changes of Geomagnetic Data and Atmospheric Pressure

This work analyses annual blocks of daily observations of pulse with arterial blood pressure (ABP) and interrelation between them. Dynamics of morning and evening parameters is compared, behavior of atmospheric pressure and geomagnetic activity is correlated. Pulse and arterial blood pressure are evaluated during periods of more active behavior of patient (expeditions, business trips, holidays, etc), as well as during moments of considerable deviations of atmospheric pressure from annual average value. Regular (in the morning after sleep and in the evening) observations of heart rate (HR), systolic arterial blood pressure (SABP) and diastolic arterial blood pressure (DABP) are used. These observations are conducted by the patient (man with 2 step and 2 stage hypertensive disease, 1940 year of birth) within the program of ABP self-control. Values of geomagnetic activity and atmospheric pressure, drawn in for correlation, are tied to patient’s place of residence (Troitsk, Moscow). This study is based upon series reflecting in time dynamics of correlation coefficients, which were received during simultaneous scanning of characteristics under study. Such series of correlation coefficients of medical parameters, analogue of degree of organism coordination are taken as the basis and compared with changes of environmental parameters. The suggested approach made it possible to single out situations, at which interrelations of pulse and ABP may be compared with concrete environmental conditions. A number of differences in characteristics of morning and evening series of monitoring may be tied with rapid relaxation of organism during night from rhythmical activity and enhanced sensitivity of organism in the morning to background effect. The considered material has confirmed effectiveness of self-control of ABP for its control and during selection, if necessary, of antihypertensive drug, which ensures normal patient’s vital activity.

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