Emotions Felt toward a Brand and Customer Loyalty: Study of Mobile Phone Brands

Recently, a firm that wants to conquer and keep its customers is expected to invest in the emotional value of its brand. Thus, the fact of eliciting the emotions of customers has become a challenge to develop a close emotional and behavioral resistance to change. This research work aims to study the role of emotions felt toward a brand in the formation and preservation of the relationship between the customer and the brand. A conceptual model is developed to examine the relationships between emotional attraction, emotional sensitivity, emotions felt (affection, passion, connection), emotional attachment and customer loyalty. The method of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is employed to test the research hypotheses. A quantitative study is conducted involving 480 Tunisian customers of mobile phone brands. The findings of this study indicate that the emotional attraction as well as the level of emotional sensitivity of customer influence positively his emotions felt toward a brand of mobile phone. These emotions predict an emotional attachment and a commitment toward the brand. Such commitment is vital to develop a loyalty of customer. This study provides significant managerial insights for marketers in order to formulate an effective communication strategy of their brands based on the seduction of customer emotions.

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