Effect of Bagging Time on Fruit Yield and Quality of Red Pitaya (Hylocereus spp.) Fruit in Vietnam

The experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of bagging time on fruit yield and quality of Red Pitaya H14 cultivar. The experiment consisted of control (without bagging), bagging fruit after 7 days anthesis, bagging fruit after 15 days anthesis by net screen-green bag (NS-GB) with bag size 320 x 260 mm and was designed in Randomized Complete Block Design with three replicates. Number of fruit, fruit quality, yield and fruit damage were recorded. Results indicated that bagging fruit after 7 days anthesis markedly improved flesh fruit weight, fruit edible rate percentage, total soluble solid than the control treatment. Moreover, agging fruit after 7 days anthesis clearly reduced 10-20% fruit crack, fruit sunburn, fruit fly and fruit blemished as compared to control treatment. It was concluded that bagging fruit after 7 days anthesis had positive effect on enhancing fruit quality (total solube solid increase 15% as compared untreated control) and reduced fruit from insect pest and diseases for red pitaya cultivar under field condition in Cao Bang province, Vietnam.

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