Double blind peer-reviewed open access international journal : International Journal of Environment and Climate Change

A sustainable world is one in which human needs are met equitably without sacrificing the ability of future generations to meet their needs and without harm to the environment and ecosystem function and service. Meeting this formidable challenge requires a substantial effort under climate change impact, economic development and population growth. International Journal of Environment and Climate Change aims to publish original research articles, review articles and short communications. This is a quality controlled, double blind peer-reviewed, open access INTERNATIONAL journal. It has long been recognized that the long-term viability of natural capital is critical for many areas of human endeavour under climate change impact. The aims are to support engineering science research with the goal of promoting sustainable development with environmentally benign engineered systems that support human well-being and that are also compatible with sustaining natural (environmental) systems.

Research Paper

  1. Combining Active and Passive Airborne Remote Sensing to Quantify NO2 and Ox Production near Bakersfield, CA
  2. Assessing Surface PM2.5 Estimates Using Data Fusion of Active and Passive Remote Sensing Methods
  3. Simulating the Impact of Drought on California’s Central Valley Hydrology, Groundwater and Cropping
  4. Relationships between Climate Parameters and Forest Vegetation At and Near Digya National Park, Ghana
  5. Will the Bagmati Basin’s Future Hydrological Change be linked with Global Climate Change Patterns?

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