Determination of Salivary Glycoconjugates and Salivary Ros Levels in Chronic Periodontitis

The research was done as a first step toward using salivary glycoconjugates and reactive oxygen species (ROS) as accurate indicators of chronic periodontitis. Glycoconjugates are crucial biological compounds that serve a variety of roles. They are made up of oligosaccharides of various sizes and complexity that are connected to a non-sugar component such as a lipid or protein. Glycoconjugate structures are frequently convoluted, with complicated biochemical routes. Overproduction of reactive oxygen species is thought to play a role in the disease’s severity. ROS are extremely unstable and have a short half-life, making them difficult to detect. However, at times of stress or disease, ROS levels can skyrocket, causing severe cell structural damage.

Author(S) Details

Jenny Susan Roy
Department of Periodontic, Mount Zion Medical College, Adoor, India.

Sajith Sebastian
Mount Zion Medical College, Adoor, India.

Nandini Manjunath
Department of Periodontics, AJ Medical College, Mangalore, India.

Joanne Mary Sajith
Technical and IT Assistant, India.

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