Augmented Lagrangian Method for One Dimensional Optimal Control Problems Governed by Delay Differential Equation

In this research, numerical solutions of continuous optimal control problems governed by linear damping evolution with delay and real coefficients are presented. The necessary conditions obtained from the knowledge of calculus of variation for optimal control problem constrained by delay differential equation is a linear two-point boundary value problem involving both delay and advance terms. Clearly, this coupling that exists between the state variable and the control variable is not amenable to analytical solution hence a direct numerical approach is adopted. We propose an augmented discretized continuous algorithm via quadratic programming, which is capable of handling optimal control problems constrained by delay differential equations. The discretization of the problem using trapezoidal rule (a one-step second order numerical scheme) and Crank-Nicholson with quadratic formulation amenable to quadratic programming technique for solution of the optimal control problems are considered. A control operator (penalized matrix), through the augmented Lagrangian method, is constructed. Important properties of the operator as regards sequential quadratic programming techniques for determining the optimal point are shown..

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