An Overview on Male Infertility and Stress Factors

Infertility is a friendly issue that adds to the troubles of marital life. Sex is ultimate powerful idea and drive in all living beings, containing humans. Infertility can be led to by a decrease in the number of sperms, the absence of sperms, or an increase in the atypical form of sperms in male sperm, as well as the semen’s inability to move accompanying sufficient vigour towards the gamete. Infertility is caused by reactive oxygen variety (ROS). Depending on the nature and aggregation of the ROS deeply operating, these ROS can have both beneficial and disadvantageous effects on semen functions. The hormones initially judged for infertility in males contain follicle exciting hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH), testosterone and prolactin. Hydrogen whiten (H2O2) is a major poisonous ROS for human spermatozoa, causing semen immobilisation at low concentrations. H2O2 at high concentrations causes lipid peroxidation, that leads to cell extinction. The superoxide anion (O2-) on the other hand performs to have a significant role while sperm learning disability and capacitation.

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Anupama Sharma,
Department of Biochemistry, College of Paramedical Technology, Nims University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Girish Chandra Sharma,
Department of Chemistry, Jaypee University Anoopshahr, India.

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Keywords: Male infertility, ROS, metal exposure, azospermia, oligospermia