A New Model for Population Analysis among Different States in India using Machine Learning Algorithm

In this work Data from 2011 census is taken to identify the state which influences more in Population census among the different states identified. The data is considered from Madhya Pradesh, followed with Utter Pradesh, then to Bihar, Bengal and Orissa. Similarly other case studies are also done for Southern Indian states and North Eastern States. Genetic algorithm will be tried to find the optimal location for the given study. A fitting function is calculated for the population data of 2011 using Lagrange Interpolation technique. This fitting function is given as input to Genetic algorithm to find the optimal state which have maximum influence in the population growth among different states of India. The study also discussed various factors which influence population growth with respect to a place.

Author(s) Details

Addepalli V. N. Krishna
School of Engineering and Technology, CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Bengaluru-560074, India.

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