Prevalence of Empyema, Mucocele, Strawberry Gallbladder and Carcinoma in Patients Undergoing Cholecystectomy with Diagnosis of Chronic Cholecystitis

The objective concerning this chapter search out find out the predominance of mucocele or empyema in chronic cholecystitis using cholecystectomy judgments and histopathological reports. Cholecystitis is the sudden redness of gallbladder. If this condition persists over opportunity, such as for months, accompanying repeated attacks, or if there are repeating problems accompanying gallbladder function, it’s known as never-ending cholecystitis. This observational […]

Intra-Operative Frozen Section with Histopathological Diagnosis in Surgical Biopsies

This division aimed to evaluate the depiction and limitations of stopped sections in the intraoperative evaluation of thyroid, bosom, gastric, ovarian, central central nervous system and lower extremities biopsies. Frozen division is a specimen of tissue that has existed quick-frozen, cut by microtome, and tainted immediately for breakneck diagnosis of possible diseased lesions. A specimen processed in this place manner […]

An Overview on Neonatal Acute Kidney Injury: A Case Study from Tertiary Care Hospital in Jammu and Kashmir, India

This episode aimed to know the occurrence rate of AKI and its befriended risk factors among the NICU victims to depict the affliction burden and its impact. Acute kidney harm (AKI) is a clinical disease that complicates the course and worsens the effect in a significant number of hospitalised inmates. Recent advances in clinical and basic research will help accompanying […]

Tilting of Foldable PCIOL Masquerading as Malignant Glaucoma

Two women reported to our Glaucoma Clinic with afflictions of blurred vision & pain in addition to signs suggestive of malignant glaucoma post phacoemulsification waterfall surgery accompanying foldable PCIOL, operated elsewhere. B-flip through showed posterior segment inside normal limit, so ruled out suprachoroidal haemorrhage. I acted them first with YAG minor iridotomy (PI) & peripheral anterior hyaloidotomy through minor PI […]

Differences in Symptoms of Primary Dysmenorrhea

The objective of the study search out establish semiological distinctnesses associated with primary dysmenorrhea in female academy students from a University in Peru.Dysmenorrhea is a condition that exhibits itself before, during and after period and is accompanied by very severe pelvic pain.Women experience menstrual cramps, which decreases their value of life. Those the one begin their menstrual eras with these […]

Efficacy of Instructional Module for Caregivers on Recovery of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Patients

This unit aims to test the efficacy of teaching module for caregivers on improvement of TBI patients. Traumatic intellect injury (TBI) is a implied public health epidemic and a major cause of restriction, morbidity, and death worldwide. It is from a breakdown in the usual function of the brain provoked by collision, blow, and jolt to the head-narrow connector-spinal rope, […]

Determining the Spectrum of Pathologies on FNAC Evaluation of Peripheral Lymph Nodes at a Tertiary Care Center in Hyderabad, India

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) is an main diagnostic procedure secondhand for rapid judgment of a multitude of lesions. One of the common uses is for disease of the underlying study of plants of enlarged lymph nodes. The study’s aim was to examine the pattern of diseases seen on Fine annoy aspiration (FNA) of increased superficial lymph nodes in a […]

Mean Platelet Volume: An Early Predictor of Diabetic Vascular Complications

This unit aims to determine mean platelet book (MPV) and platelet count (PC) in diabetics (type2) and non-diabetics and to determine equivalence of MPV and platelet count with abstaining blood sugar. Increased MPV is emerging as an free risk factor for thromboembolism, stroke and heart attack. The majority of Diabetes Mellitus extinction are caused by calculating- and macro vascular problems […]

A Case Report of the Atypical Manifestation of Diverticular Disease: Giant Colonic Diverticulum

In this study we determine to present a case of a rare complication of diverticular ailment. The diagnosis is generally made by CT because the manifestations are vague. To prevent prick or other consequences, a surgical redistribute is the advised method. In this case, a 74-year-old woman denounced of intestinal obstacle and an acute abdomen and make use of the […]

Non-Invasive Forensic Identification Methods of Neonates from Umbilical Cord and Cord Blood Sample

The most chosen forensic specimen group technique for DNA Profiling injustice delivery system is ancestry sample either in liquid form or in stain forms. But blood accumulations relating to newborn babies are forever very difficult and distasteful invasive method. To prevent that issue, we have favorably isolated genomic DNA from a new innate in a non-invasive way, by accumulating the […]