Success Factors in Smallholders Farmers’ Organizations in Tanzania

It is always vital to consider basic aspects of in any organization which cements its cohesion. This study pointed at selected aspects of FOs that are vital for its success. These include Leadership Type; Process of Decision Making; Process of Establishment of Governing Tools and Access to and Frequency of Information Sharing. In addition, the study highlighted the importance of marketing system, transparency, FO opportunities and member commitment in determining FO success; it also found that well performing FOs have multiple linkages including marketing, input and finance transparent business transactions. Descriptive statistical analysis was used to analyze the influence of (marketing system, transparency, FO opportunities and member commitment) independent variables (IVs) while MLRA methods were used to determine the significance of the same IVs on sustaining FOs. The findings recommend that FO facilitators and producers use strategies that encourage member commitment, create opportunities within the FO for members and service providers in terms of social economic and environmental advancements and enhance transparency in the organization’s operations. Transparent service linkages in FOs should be enhanced, while marketing and member commitment contribute to the overall sustainability of the organisation.

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