Editor Papa Research October 12, 2019

Environmental pollution and its impact on living organisms is worldwide problem. The pollutants discharged from the automobile activities are particulate matter, heavy metals (Pb and Cd), carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen and oxides producing toxic effects on plant growth. The other common effects are reduced yield of flowers, branch length, leaf area and reduction in […]

Editor Papa Research October 12, 2019

Aim: This study elucidated the influence of harvesting height and frequency on concurrent seed and shoots production of the African Eggplant, Solanum macrocarpon L., cv. Igbagba/Igbo. The overall aim was to use the outcome to make recommendations that would enable African resource poor farmers secure the much needed increase in income for improved livelihoods. Experimental […]

Editor Papa Research October 12, 2019

Carthamus tinctorius L. (asteraceae) is an herbaceous plant that has several applications, from a production of oil of excellent quality to the market of ornamental plants. It has broad adaptability, even in environments with limited water resources and nutrient deficiency, making it a promising crop for the semi-arid regions of Brazil. However, safflower does not […]

Editor Papa Research October 12, 2019

Urbanization and Urban Systems in India This substantive and original contribution to the study of urbanization in Republic of India critically analyses the strengths and weaknesses of the Indian urban system and provides new insights into up to date urban issues. The author’s perspective of urban development in Republic of India interrelates the geographical dimension […]

Editor Papa Research October 11, 2019

Simple Regression Methods for Survival Time Studies Given a collection of sorted survival knowledge, method of least squares estimates square measure projected for the parameters of 4 survival distributions that may be fit: exponential, linear hazard, Gompertz and Weibull. Sample estimates of the hazard perform square measure utilised within the method of least squares procedures […]

Editor Papa Research October 10, 2019

Vegetation in the urban environment: microclimatic analysis and benefits This paper describes work that was allotted by CRES, within the frame of the EU-funded Joule project “PRECis: assessing the potential for renewable energy in cities.” the most aim of the project is to develop simplified parameters that describe the microclimate and environmental performance of various […]

Editor Papa Research October 9, 2019

Measuring phenological variability from satellite imagery Vegetation phenological phenomena area unit closely associated with seasonal dynamics of the lower atmosphere and area unit thus necessary components in world models and vegetation observation. Normalized distinction vegetation index (NDVI) knowledge derived from the National Oceanic and part Administration’s Advanced terribly High Resolution meter (AVHRR) satellite sensing element […]

Editor Papa Research October 4, 2019

An Optimal Transition Path for Controlling Greenhouse Gases Designing economical policies to slow heating needs Associate in Nursing approach that mixes economic tools with relations from the natural sciences. The dynamic integrated climate-economy (DICE) model conferred here, Associate in Nursing intertemporal general-equilibrium model of economic process and global climate change, is wont to investigate different […]

Editor Papa Research October 3, 2019

Background: Vulvovaginal Candidiasis (VVC) is a common infection of the female genital tract. It is estimated that about 75% of women will experience VVC infection at least once in their life-time, however, lifestyle habits have been implicated in the higher susceptibility to VVC infection in some women than others. The aim of this cross sectional […]

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