Influence of Impulse Pressure Treatment on Changes in Productivity of Buckwheat Plants

Plants are sensitive to different environmental factors. Pressure and mechanical forces are factors of plant growth and development control. We have proposed the method of pre-sowing seed treatment by impulse pressure generated by a shock wave. It is possible to use the shock wave for different precision purposes due to the excellent parameter control that determine the intensity of the influence. Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench., cv. Saulyk) plants were treated by impulse pressure.

The aim of this work was to get dependence of germination and yield on the value of IP. The choice of contrasting variants for the assessment would be useful to determine stress strategies of plants after the treatment of IP. IP did not influence the germinability of seeds in the range of 3-11 MPa. Changes in the yield after the treatment of IP 3-8 MPa were not revealed, but it was grown up to 17% after IP 11 MPa. This variant is recommended for agricultural use. IP 17-23 MPa retarded germination, but did not bring about acute seed death; variability of yield denotes the transition state. IP 29-35 MPa induced the death of some of seeds, and seed germinability reduced on 22%-57%, but it would be tempting to get the 2.3-fold increase of yield.

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