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Nere cakes, jujube cakes and cakes of nere more jujube, from baking in oven to 120°C for twelve
minutes showed a decrease of 0.5% protein for cakes nere and up to 22% for cake jujube. After 3
days of sun drying followed by 3 months of storage at room temperature, total sugars decreases an
average of 6%. Néré cakes after baking causes an insignificant minimum loss of calcium 0.2% and up
to 79% for iron for cakes jujube. Iron and potassium are minerals losses after cooking and drying
exceed 50%. Calcium, manganese and zinc are minerals which losses are on average 10% after
different treatments. Cooking reduces vitamin C content of cakes, the maximum value is 67% for cake
néré and 100% in vitamin A for jujube cakes. Cooking and drying followed by 3 months of storage
decreases the vitamin C content of 92% jujube cakes and vitamin A 100%. After 3 months of storage,
the cakes have a proliferation of fungal flora certainly due to lack of packaging and the length of
storage time. The reduction of the firing temperature in the oven and the use of solar dryers could be
used to reduce significant losses in nutrients while using the package to preserve the hygienic quality
of cakes with strict adherence to hygiene rules. Enriching these products with vitamin and mineral
compound is recommended.

Author(s) Details

Makalao Mouti Marceline
Department of Life and Earth Sciences, Bongor Normal Higher School, Chad.

Alfred S. Traore
Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Research Center in Biological, Food and Nutritional Sciences (CRSBAN), Unit of Formation and Research in Life and Ground Sciences, University Ouaga, BP: 7021, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

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