Editor Papa Research August 23, 2018

How Genes and Environment Conspire to Trigger Diabetes Diabetes seems to be a illness written deeply in human genes, a feature countless years previous, which might emerge however additionally retreat through the influence of environmental forces equivalent to diet, a replacement study suggests. Researchers checked out however avoirdupois, above all, will trigger the onset of kind a pair of polygenic disease in each mice and humans by manipulating however genes ar expressed. They found that avoirdupois, in effect, will modification the chemical tags related to polymer, referred to as the epigenome. These epigenetic changes modify however genes […]

Editor Papa Research August 21, 2018

Research No-1 VARIATIONS IN GROUNDWATER QUALITY UNDER DIFFERENT LAND COVERS IN DELHI, INDIA Groundwater is one of the important sources of drinking water in Delhi, and is identified as one of the threatened water resources due to degrading quality and quantity. Spatial variation in groundwater quality and depth with respect to different land covers is […]

admin August 16, 2018

Evidence collected following the 2011 eruption of Japan’s Shinmoedake volcano suggests that the powerful event affected the behavior of an active caldera nearby. A single magma reservoir deep beneath Japan’s Kyushu Island may feed two of its most active volcanoes. GPS measurements of Aira caldera show that its once steady inflation stalled while the nearby […]

Editor Papa Research July 7, 2018

In their quest to find “light-eating” proteins, cellular components that help plants and microbes harvest light from the sun, a team of scientists has stumbled upon the first new kind in nearly 50 years—at the bottom of the Sea of Galilee. The unexpected discovery could help researchers better understand how microbes sense light, and it […]

admin April 27, 2018

This year’s Earth Day message here on the Air Quality Matters blog has the title: “Earth Day 2018: Air, airways, lungs, etc. no places for pollution” and for good reason. The entry opens with this pointed declaration: “It’s a known fact the pollution continually being poured into our atmosphere is detrimental to health and wellbeing when breathed […]

admin April 24, 2018

A team of marine biologists from the University of Kansas and the Field Museum, Chicago has discovered a remarkable defensive system — ‘lachrymal saber’ — in a group of fish called stonefish. Their work is published in the journal Copeia. “I don’t why this hasn’t been discovered before. It’s probably because there are just one or two people that ever […]

admin April 21, 2018

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope was launched into orbit by a space shuttle on April 24, 1990. It was the first space telescope of its kind, and has surpassed all expectations, providing a quarter of a century of discoveries, stunning images and outstanding science. To celebrate its 28th year in orbit, some of Hubble’s precious […]

admin April 18, 2018

The pit of magma beneath the Yellowstone caldera is still an enigma in many ways, but researchers are now closer than ever to understanding how it became the powerhouse of the supervolcano. A new computer model of the magma plume reveals 7 million years of underground unrest, leading up to the creation of the dual […]