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The Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Contextual Review

The risky task of reviewing corporate social responsibility is attempted in this article. Reviewing those literatures is notoriously difficult due to the uneven development of corporate social responsibility. Because corporate social responsibility is a relative notion, authors who insist on a precise definition are frequently disappointed. It has never...
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Recent Development and Studies: CEO Duality and Firm Distress

The relationship between business performance and corporate governance structure, particularly leadership structure, is investigated in this study. The CEO duality has a significant impact on the leadership structure. This relationship has various facets and dimensions that may influence corporate performance, but this study concentrates on the extreme case when...
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A Study on Financial Awareness among Slum Dwellers in Bangalore City

Any government’s objective for equitable and sustainable economic development is financial inclusion. Financial literacy and financial inclusion are two sides of the same coin. Financial literacy is required for financial inclusion and poverty alleviation to be successful. Because of the evolution of the economy and financial markets, financial education...
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